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CashMama Instant Personal Loan App 1CashMama Instant Personal Loan App

Want to join your friends on an unplanned trip? First, avail of a short-term loan on CashMama Instant Personal Loan APP and then go with friends and make lifelong cherishing memories.

This instant Personal Loan APP is cutting edge from Onion Credit Private Limited. Onion Credit is started by a group of individuals from prestigious institutions such as IIT, IIM, and NUS, among others, to ease the process of loan among young professionals in India.

About CashMama Personal Loan App

Onion Credit Pvt Ltd introduced their new app in the Finance category named CashMama- Instant Personal Loan App Online and the app has 500,000+ installs on google play store and is rated 4.2 by more than 14,487 users. In-app content has a rating of 3+.

You can download this app directly from here or from the Google play store, It requires a minimum of Android version 4.2 to run, and the current version of the app is 2.3.0 The application takes a small size of 31 MB to download.

Cashmama app screenshot
Cashmama app screenshot

CashMama Personal Loan App – the Leader

CashMama is a mobile financial technology platform, focused to provide users with convenient lending services. In this era of high demand for instant Personal Loan, CashMama Instant Personal Loan App ensures user feasibility.

They serve those with opportunities, who are keenly in need of Instant Personal Loan to fulfill their demands.

An Applicant can use the personal loan for any purpose whether it’s for timely EMI payments or squaring monthly bills, purchasing that one desired, or for medical or financial expenses. CashMama Personal Loan APP offers a wide range of instant short term loan services. It primarily targets young professionals.

A borrower can apply for a Personal Loan Online and avail of up to Rs.5, 000. CashMama Personal Loan APP provides a platform where a borrower can easily access the loan from different banks and NBFCs with lucrative offers.

CashMama – Userfriendly Personal Loan App

Cashmama app screenshot
Cashmama app screenshot

As an internet platform, CashMama hosts multiple non-banking financial companies like KrazyBee Services Private Limited.

CashMama Instant Personal Loan APP is designed while keeping ease, convince, and user-friendly as the key.

It has a team of experts with the competence of loan management and time management skills, to deliver high-quality services through the Personal Loan App facility.

CashMama assists all individuals with various options of Instant Personal loans with different amounts and repayment tenures. 

Quality Services by CashMama 

CashMama Instant Personal Loan App comes with low-interest rates and makes it easy for the borrower to get Personal Loan, for the way he/she wants to live anytime, anywhere.

It allows easy sign up in a few seconds; simple loan applying procedure and direct transfer of loan amount in the given bank account. It’s an easy, fast, convenient, and reliable way to access credit when an applicant requires a Personal Loan.

CashMama Personal Loan App is completely secure and confidential. Once the loan is approved, a borrower can also take additional loans without any additional documentation.

CashMama offers a variety of instant short-term Personal Loans starting from Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 5,000 with repayment tenures from 7 days to 15 days based on the loan amount. The options of short-term loan are: 

  • Short-Term Personal Loan: This is a Personal Loan starting up to Rs.3, 000 with 7 days of repayment tenures.
  • Short-Term Personal Loan: In this type of Personal Loan borrower can get a loan up to Rs.3, 000 for 14 days.
  • Short-Term Personal Loan: Under this category of Personal Loan an applicant can avail loan up to Rs. 5,000 with a repayment tenure of 7 days.
  • Short-Term Personal Loan: This type of Personal Loan starting up to Rs. 5,000 for 14 days.

CashMama Customer service (Contact)

Benefits of CashMama Instant Personal Loan APP

Cashmama app screenshot
Cashmama app screenshot

Since the start of the banking sector, the Personal Loan process has been lengthy, with lots of stress, tension, and time-consuming. Because of all these reasons, it was very important to bring something which would be easier for people to avail of.

Instant Personal Loan is the key to all the above problems. There is a bombardon of Personal Loan APP in the market, but one of the most opt is CashMama Instant Personal Loan APP. Now the reason being why is listed below:

  • 100% online loan application process. 
  • Instant Personal Loan via App with few clicks. 
  • A credit Card is not required for availing Personal Loan from CashMama.
  • Affordable and comparatively low-interest rates than others. 
  • User-friendly Instant Personal Loan App.
  • High loan approval rate. 
  • Borrower details kept secure and confidential.
  • The loan amount is directly transferred to the bank account.
  • Interest rates start from 1.4% of the Principal.
  • Simple documentation process which usually includes basic KYC documents. 

Eligibility to avail Instant Personal Loan from CashMama App:

  • A user must have an Android phone or device.
  • Facebook account is preferable for signing up on CashMama Instant Personal Loan App.
  • An applicant should have Indian citizenship.
  • A borrower must have Identity Proof (PAN) and Address Proof (Aadhaar/ Voter ID/ Driving License/ Passport).
  • An Aadhaar linked mobile is preferred for e-signing of the Loan Agreement.

How does CashMama Instant Personal Loan App work?

Step 1: Install the CashMama app from the Play Store.

Step 2: Register yourself via your Facebook profile or mobile.

Step 3: Fill in your basic details to check your eligibility.

Step 4: E-sign the agreement.

Step 5: Get cash (The loan is directly credited into your Bank Account within 5-48 hours).

Name Of CashMama App In Latest CyberCrime Issue

cashmama latest issue

To get complete details about this case CLICK HERE.

Cashmama app Reviews
Cashmama app Reviews
Cashmama app Reviews
Cashmama app Reviews

CashMama app has access to:

Device & app history

  • retrieve running apps
  • read your Web bookmarks and history
  • read your contacts
  • approximate location (network-based)
  • precise location (GPS and network-based)
  • read phone status and identity
  • access USB storage filesystem
  • read the contents of your USB storage
  • modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
  • read the contents of your USB storage
  • modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
  • take pictures and videos
  • record audio
Wi-Fi connection information
  • view Wi-Fi connections
Device ID & call information
  • read phone status and identity
  • update component usage statistics
  • receive data from the Internet
  • View network connections
  • pair with Bluetooth devices
  • change network connectivity
  • connect and disconnect from Wi-Fi
  • full network access
  • read sync settings
  • draw over other apps
  • control vibration
  • prevent the device from sleeping
  • modify system settings
Rating of Cashmama Personal loan app
Ratings of Cashmama Personal loan app

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