Khan Academy App Complete Details

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Competition is continuously increasing!

How to fill all the gaps?

Khan Academy App Complete Details

Every student has a different approach to learnings. Students want to learn through text, videos, infographics, images as per their requirements with the help of e-learning it is easy to cover every student individually.

Most of the organisations are providing an android app & I phones app for online personalised classrooms like- BYJU’S early learning app, Unacademy, Extramarks, Meritnation, etc. but every academy having different vision and mission. Khan Academy is one of those.

Sometimes I am also stuck with that decision to choose one out of various alternatives. But fruitful truth is education is for Everyone/Anywhere.

About Khan Academy- Free education

Khan academy is a non-profit organisation formed by Salman Khan in 2008. Khan’s academy providing a high-quality program for the preparation of SAT.

You can find out khan academy app complete details here.

  • You can keep learning on this app either you’re offline. You can learn anything through videos. Videos create a better learning impact.
  • You can learn in 5 languages.
  • Subjects they offered are –Maths, Science, Economics and Finance, Arts & Humanities, Computing for K-12. with these subjects, they are also providing Test preparation, Partner Content, Talks & Interviews.

Practice test series helps to make your skills sharper.

  • They also help us in career decisions like-

College Admissions, Careers, Personal Finance, Entrepreneurship.

  • They are using an adaptive way of learning to minimise the learning gap and make concepts more clear.

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Institutions Partners

  • NASA
  • MIT
  • The Museum of Modern Art
  • California Academy of Sciences

Free Tools for Parents, teachers, students (khan Academy App Complete Details)

For better education, it is must coaches(parents, teachers) can understand what kind of help required by the students. They are providing information about students performance. Some free tools for parents as well as teachers provided by the Khan Academy.


  • Khan academy accounts.
  • Helping students/children.
  • Security and Privacy.
  • School at home.


  • Meeting content as per requirement.
  • Implementation strategies.
  • Products details.
  • Provide official SAT practice.
  • Privacy, safety and additional resources.
  • Computer programming for teachers.
  • Providing additional help for maths teachers.

Khan Academy mission is to provide education world in anywhere to anyone with a non-profit motive. Personalised classrooms for each & every student.

Khan Academy’s Motive

An individual student deserves a form of learnings as per their requirements because it is difficult in school and coaching to teach every student as per their ability.

Khan academy motive Students can practice as per their understanding and knowledge, and the way of learning as they like. Students having their own dashboard and performance report. It helps to resolve every problem.



khan academy motive Content of khan’s Academy written by the experts which are free for all the learners either it is teachers, parents and the students. For K-12 classrooms. Career to be kept in mind for the preparation content. Content is prepared as per NCERT syllabus.


motive of khan academy                                                                                                     Teachers are the coaches. So it is the responsibility of teachers to meet the educational gap. khan’s academy also helps teachers to fill loopholes. They want to provide complete education and keep focussing on guide and students.


Khan academy app complete details helps to choose the best out of different options.

Sharpening your skills through quizzes, tests, practice exercise, adaptable learning, hints on every step.

Learn every subject for the competitive exams after Intermediate also.

Khan Academy App Reviews

khan academy reviews

Installs- 10,000,000+

You can go through the Khan Academy’s official sites for more reviews and details. Definitely it will help you to choose a single app for studies. You can match your syllabus with the khan’s academy syllabus. Smart work indicates doing work in the right direction to make it worthful.




1. Meritnation

2. BYJU’S- The learning App

3. Unacademy Learning App


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