CRED APP Review : Download, Services, Benefits

CRED APP Review : Download, Services, Benefits 4


CRED APP Review : Download, Services, Benefits 5
CRED app

CRED is a member-only platform that allows customers to make credit card bill payment and rewards them for paying the bills on time. Customers with a 750 or higher Experian / CRIF score are granted access to the app, else they join a waitlist. CRED app allows customers to manage multiple credit cards. You need to provide your phone number to check your credit score with CIBIL, CRIF and Experian through CRED app. Members with a high credit score are eligible for exclusive offers upon payment of their credit card bills through CRED. All your credit cards linked to your mobile number are added to the app. 

CRED curates exclusive rewards, such as access to events, gift cards and upgrades, from top brands to its members when they make a credit card payment through CRED. Also, every time you make a payment to your credit card, you earn credit coins. These coins can be redeemed for rewards from its more than 38 partners, including Freshmenu, Mexico, Airbnb, and UrbanLadder to UrbanClap, Blue Tokai, Bodycraft and Myntra. 

CRED members get access to CRED Protect – an AI-backed system that keeps an eye on every single detail of a credit card journey, such as spend patterns and other card usage statics. Smart Statement option allows you to analyse your credit card statement and hunt down hidden charges in your credit card bill. 

How to apply for CRED membership?

Sign up with your full name and valid phone number on the app to apply for membership. CRED checks your credit score with credit bureaus like CIBIL, Experian, CRIF, etc. If your credit score is 750 or higher, you will get a membership. Once you become a CRED member, you can access the curated exclusive offers and privileges that are members-only.

Note: You will need a valid Indian mobile number to register for CRED membership.

How does CRED App work?

It’s very easy, simple and quick as the entire process hardly takes a few minutes. Below are the basic steps mentioned:

  • Step 1: Install the Credit App – IOS / Google Play Store
  • Step 2: Signup with the mobile number & verify with the OTP
  • Step 3: Now, all the cards get displayed. CRED App has done the integration with Credit Bureaus such as Experian to make this is possible.
  • Step 4: Now verify the credit card to add them to the app by filling the masked numbers of the card.
  • Step 5: CRED App verifies the card instantly and that’s it.
  • Step 6: You shall now pay all the bills and get reward points in return for the bill amount paid.

Is the CRED App Safe?

Many of you may have a question about the security or the privacy of the information which you have to provide for availing the Cred App services. The Credit App is created with advanced technology to ensure the complete safety and security of the user’s personal information.

Features of Cred App

The Cred App benefits its users in many ways, some of them has been mentioned below:

  • Instant Credit score reports on registration.
  • Single Interface to manage all credit cards.
  • Track of payment history and rewards.
  • Extra rewards and easy redemption process.
  • Refer friends and earn additional rewards.

Download Cred App Now

You can download CRED App Easily From here-

CRED APP Review : Download, Services, Benefits 6

CRED App Services

There are many ways to make the payment of credit card bills, CRED is one of them. CRED offers rewards for credit card bill payments. It is a mobile app that helps one to manage the multiple credit cards. Suppose one has multiple credit cards and he/she may find it difficult to manage the credit card payment, here enters the CRED App. Apart from the clearing credit card dues, one can also view the credit card statement, the recent transactions on a single console. Let’s have an in-depth look at this App.

Cred App is one of the most rewarding credit card payments App. This app is created by Kunal Shah. This app is developed to create a financial environment where the Indian citizens can make timely payments of their credit card bills and also get rewarded for their creditworthiness. 

The Cred App works based on ‘members-only’ club system, where only the users with a good credit score or above 750 can enjoy the Cred App features. A member who pays their credit card bills on time through the Credit App is then rewarded with the ‘Cred Coins’. These coins can then be used to claim the rewards from all the 30 above partnered brands like Blue Tokai Coffee, Ixigo, Zomato, Airbnb, Myntra, etc. Sometimes there is a cashback option that is also available where the Cred member can convert the Cred Coins into the cashback into their accounts.

The Cred app has a great interface and offers seamless functioning with banks and partnered brands. It also provides you with a good idea of spending habits. With the current growth of the credit cards in India, Cred is proving a hit among the Indian mass.

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  1. Mohammad Javed Shaikh

    Since last two days i am not able to pay my credit card bill on CRED Pay app.
    It shows me the Supr Daily offer and not going ahead for the payment option.

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